Automatically add reactions to specific users' messages

Add Reactor to your Discord server

What Does Reactor Do?

Like the description says, Reactor adds reactions to specific users' messages. But what does that mean exactly? Well, it means that if a user that Reactor is watching sends a message, Reactor will apply a certain emoji to that message.

When you first add Reactor to a server, it will do nothing, until you run the /add-reaction slash command, which prompts you to select a user and an emoji. Each emoji and user is per-server, meaning that if you apply an emoji to a user in one server, it will not be present in any server, unless you manually set it so.

If you ever want to remove the Reactor configuration for a user, run the /remove-reaction command with the user as a parameter.

Reactor Commands

/add-reactionAdd an emoji to a specified user's messages
/remove-reactionRemove a user's emoji, if one was previously set

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