Acoustats is like Spotify Wrapped®, but year-round.


To set up Acoustats, you must first create a account. To create a account, go to this link and follow the instructions.

After you create your account, go to's Track My Music page , scroll down to the section for your platform and follow the instructions to configure your media platform of choice.

As an example, for Spotify, scroll down to Spotify, and click "Connect", then follow the instructions to link your Spotify account.

After your media platform is linked, start listening to music. After you start listening, Acoustats (through will be able to access your listening history. At any time, if you want to check what listening history and Acoustats can see, go to your profile from either the homepage (hovering over your profile picture, then clicking "View Profile") or by going to

Discord Bot

Setting Up Acoustats

If you want to use a community version of Acoustats, join the HK Development Discord server and go to the #music-analyzer-commands channel. In that channel, first tell the bot what your username is by using the /set-lastfm-username slash command, passing your username to the prompt.

If you wish to self-host the analyzer and/or bot, follow the instructions in the GitHub repository.

Using Acoustats

To use Acoustats, all you have to do is go into a channel (or you can DM the bot) with a command. The following commands are available.

/get-all-statsGet all your listening statistics for a given time period
/get-top-tracksGet your top tracks for a given time period
/get-top-artistsGet your top artists for a given time period
/get-durationGet your listening duration for a given time period
/get-track-countGet the amount of tracks you listened to in a given time period


You can also subscribe to daily, weekly, and monthly digests of Acoustats reports with Acoustats Digest, a UNISON Technologies service.

Track Durations

Due to the way provides track data to Acoustats, the duration that is listed may not be the full total duration.

Acoustats is licensed under the AGPLv3 license.

Discord is a registered trademark of Discord Inc. is a registered trademark of Audioscrobbler Limited. Spotify Wrapped is a registered trademark of Spotify AB. I am in no way affiliated with Spotify AB or Audioscrobbler Limited.