Last Updated: January 31, 2023

  • Attribution Required

    You may use my content, provided you place my name and a link to my website in a noticeable area, such as under the title or in a sidebar.

  • No Advertising

    You cannot place ads alongside any of my content.

  • Editing

    If you edit, revise, or modify any of my content, my name should be listed first in the list of authors.

  • Commercial and Noncommercial Usage Allowed

    You may use the content on this site for both commercial and noncommerical purposes, provided you comply with the attribution requirement.

  • No Paywalls or Monetary Requirement

    You may not redistribute my content behind a paywall or any kind of monetary requirement, sell my content, or place it behind a paywall, without permission in writing from me.

  • No Misleading Association

    You may not use any of my content to create misleading associations or false endorsements with products and services.

    Contact me at if you want to consider a sponsored/promoted feature.

For the purposes of the this license, the term "content" refers to any of my articles, notes, programs, showcase items, photos1, or any other content on this site.

I reserve the right to change the above terms at any time without prior notification.

1: Photos distributed on Unsplash are subject to the Unsplash License. Please provide attribution, even though it is not required by the Unsplash License.